Working for AEGIR-Marine

Working in the marine industry means working in a dynamic industrial environment. Our experienced propulsion engineers are highly qualified and work worldwide*.

Thorough knowledge and experience are important criteria for our personnel. However, enthusiasm and dedication come right after that.

Doing the job with a smile and Delivering more than you promise are the key elements our personnel apply day in and day out.
AEGIR also believes that job satisfaction is important. We offer modern working conditions, a pleasant working environment and an informal atmosphere. Working for AEGIR means that you share in the results and if you want to grow, we will help you any way we can.

*In addition to our Dutch engineers we also have engineers in Singapore, Namibia, Shanghai, Germany and the USA.


Order Coördinator
As Order Coördinator you are the spider in the technical web. You are responsible for the daily handling of incoming orders. You provide technical support to our customer service. It’s your task to be aware of the fact that specific orders are delivered on time and in the right way. 

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Technical Engineer
As a tecnical engineer you are responsible for developing products and tools, drawings for R&D and other projects.

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Area Sales Manager
You are responsible for revenue growth for the full production package of AEGIR Marine in a designated area in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Together with the Internal Sales Engineer and the Service Coordinator, you form one regional team. 

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Service coordinator
As a service coordinator, you are responsible for the whole process from request till invoice. You arrange the acceptance, the planning and the administrations of service requests and orders. You have technical insights, but you are also analytical, organized and communicative.

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Service Engineer
As a service engineer you are responsible for replacing and repairing of screw shaft seals. You have technical knowledge and you have commercial insight, because you are the specialist and the face of AEGIR-Marine in the shipyard.

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Service Engineer Propulsion
As a propulsion specialist you are responsible for inspection, repair and maintenance of ship's propulsion installations. Regardless make or type. You work on the edge of technics and sales, since at the shipyard you are AEGIR's representative. 

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We always have an opening for:

Good and trustworthy Service Engineers Seals
As a stern seal-specialist you are responsible for the excellent service AEGIR offers. You work independently on the repair, overhaul or retrofit of stern tube seal installations. You follow protocols and supervise shipyard personnel. 

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